-about me-

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I love weddings and love stories, but my passion for my job is more than that. I get the opportunity to use my camera and my creativity to capture your wedding-- not only what it looked like, but what it felt like. Photographing a wedding extends far beyond the wedding day. My goal is to deliver photos that will be cherished for years to come.

I specialize in artistic documentary-style wedding photography and capture the things that can often get overlooked-- a stolen glance, a wiped tear, a proud look from a father. My images capture emotions and feelings that tell the story of your day artistically and authentically.

I'd love to be considered as you search for your photographer.

-Ashley Posthuma




My philosophy for why I do what I do is simple: I treat people the way I would want to be treatedThat's how I do business.

To me, you are not just another client; I genuinely want to get to know you, hear your stories, and learn about what you want your wedding to be like because I truly care.

Photography Anthology is for couples that care about the meaning of their marriage more than the aesthetics of their wedding. They are passionate about life and each other. When it comes to wedding photography, I work with couples that value creativity and artistry as well as authenticity and honesty. 

Photography Anthology is for couples that value quality over quantity and want their wedding to reflect their true personalities.

Welcoming in a beautiful marriage and celebrating with friends and family is of utmost importance to my clients on their wedding day.

My favorite couples to work with have an artsy side, a great sense of humor, and a little bit of quirk.

If this sounds like you, I think we'd be a great fit. Let's chat