Weekend Adventures in Nashville

These people are so special to me. Mattie and Brooke came to visit me from Charlotte and Greenville. We went to North Greenville together a little while back and have since gone separate ways. I haven't seen them since I left school there in December and it was so refreshing to be around them again. Daniel could very easily see why we are friends. We all experience life similarly. We are very external and share our feelings and our experiences. When we are together we are unstoppable. We laugh and cried and worshiped together this weekend and it was everything I needed. Mattie and Brooke have beautiful hearts and care for people so deeply. They are passionate about Jesus and pursuing the Kingdom and being united as the Body of Christ. I am so thankful for their friendships. Camille met up with us to pray for our friend Davy, then we headed to Barista Parlor and Smokers Abbey for cigars and coffee. We sat and chatted amongst ourselves for a bit before asking Daniel and Will (not pictured) to join us. We had never met them before, but I called them over to smoke with us since I saw they had cigars too. They were such lovely people; both Vanderbilt students with big hearts. I loved getting to know them and hear about their passions. Hopefully, I'll get to share a photo set of them in the future!
After we made new friends, we went to The Pharmacy and and enjoyed the best burger of my life, and second burger since I stopped being vegetarian for ten months. No regrets, friends. No regrets. It was a beautiful moment. Nashville knows how to do food right. We followed the glorious meal with some soaking in God's glory at the park. We set up a blanket and just sang and prayed spontaneously. God is so good and spoke to us all so tenderly that night. Seriously, a weekend to remember.