12th Street Social Club

This is Daniel’s band, 12th Street Social Club playing a show at 12th & Porter. I am so proud of them! All the guys in the band are so solid and I have loved getting to know them. Reagan, then bassist has a ton of really cool tattoos and he is so energetic  and fun to watch play. He’s actually really laid back and easy to talk to. Joseph is the lead singer and he is super talented. He is so personable and very caring. He always asks people questions about their life and really wants to know the answer. Christian is the guitarist and he is hilarious. He is a really talented artist and definitely has a different way about doing things and I love it. His sense of humor is so dry and easy to miss if you don’t know him or aren’t paying attention. Daniel is the drummer and the love of my life. He is so incredibly passionate when he drums and it usually makes me cry when I see him play because I find it so beautiful. So thankful for these guys and their awesome music! Check them out!