12th Street Social Club

In case you haven't noticed by the frequency of my posting about them, I love 12th Street Social Club (and not just because my fiancee is the drummer). Not only is their music awesome, but all the guys in the band are great. I've really enjoyed getting to know Christian, Regan, and Joseph over the last couple of months and follow them as they have poured themselves into their upcoming album. They put on an awesome show live (you can't help but want to dance), so I definitely recommend making it out next time they play. What do they sound like? To me, they remind me of Harrison Hudson or Vampire Weekend or maybe a little bit of Portugal. The Man, but they really can't be accurately compared to anyone else I've heard, you just have to check them out for yourself (their latest single is on spotify). No Country For New Nashville did a small write up on them for one of their previous shows at The Stone Fox complimenting their craftsmanship  as artists, and BIRP! even added them to their November indie playlist. I am so proud of them and cannot wait to see how they grow as they release the new album in the coming months.
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On Monday morning we met at 6:30am for a sunrise shoot at an elementary school that is being renovated. It was built in the 1930's and had three stories and awesome window light. I am so glad we were allowed to shoot here despite the construction. The construction supervisor was great and even let us go on the roof where the morning light was just perfect. There were some dark clouds rolling in behind us, but the sun was still shining on the opposite end of the sky making for some great, moody photos. After shooting on the roof and in some classrooms we went to the old gymnasium where the light was shining right underneath the basketball goal. I loved the hard light and the shadows.  I am so pleased with how the shoot went. Glad we got some great photos for a great group of guys.