The Listener Project: Rachel

This is my dear friend, Rachel. My fiancé Daniel introduced me to her when I had recently moved to Nashville, and we've stayed friends since! We bond over our ENFP personalities and our love for coffee... especially when it's at BPXGS. I was so happy when she agreed to be a part of this! Rachel is full of life and she has such a beautiful and teachable spirit. I am always encouraged by what she is learning. I admire her humility and how she continually presses on in the faith. She just finished writing a book that will be getting published soon, and she has a fantastic blog you should check out too!

Be Thou My Vision - Rend Collective 
"Lately I've just been in a reflective place, and realized 'I need Him,' and just singing it out loud with the windows down, brings the most real mix of joy. But it's like there is so much joy it's almost sad, and I always tear up and it's so beautiful and so big and so-- it's just that hymn! the Lord is everything. He is going to be every thing. And I listen to that I say 'Oh yeah, you're right, you are everything.'"