The Listener Project: Chris

I am starting an ongoing photo series called "The Listener Project" where I ask friends to select a song that resonates with them emotionally for any reason, whether it be nostalgia, sadness, happiness, or whatever it may be. They then listen to the song with their eyes closed and allow the song to sink in while I capture their emotional response. It has been interesting to see what songs people pick and how everyone reacts differently. Some people seem to have no reaction at all while others allow their emotions to pour out freely. I want to give a big thanks to these friends, some old, some new, who agreed to do this with me and open themselves to such vulnerability. This will be ongoing, so if you would like to participate, let me know. I'd love to do this with as many people as I can!

Last week my friend Chris Daniels, who is a talented and inspiring photographer himself, and I went to Cornelia Fort Airpark in an abandoned airplane hangar where I planned to set up a white backdrop for the photos, but something about it didn't feel right to me, so we opened up one of the doors and sat him in the hard sunlight for his photos. A part of me was surprised when he took off his hat and shoes before sitting down, but then I remembered that this is Chris Daniels and I wasn't surprised anymore. One thing I really appreciate about Chris is how supportive he is of other artists. He once sat down with me for probably over an hour and showed me how he edits his photos in photoshop and he always offers a kind word of encouragement or a wise piece of advice and whenever there is an interesting project emerging, Chris is probably going to be on board with it. If the idea of my project is vulnerability, you better believe Chris isn't going to hold back. He's very supportive in that way and I appreciate it.

He chose the song "Trapeze Swinger" by Iron and Wine. "Trapeze swinger is a very multi-level song for me. It reminds me of my late grandfather and how he lived his life. It also reminds me of friends lost. Those that simply kind of slipped away. We may never know what would have come from those relationships, but it’s still beautiful that they happened."