Charleston Adventures

This past week I went to Charleston, SC to visit one my my dear friends, Davy Kesey. We met at North Greenville University about a year and a half ago and he has remained on my my best friends. He is a thinker and he always has a new idea or theory he is talking about and I love it. He is not afraid to be blunt and honest, and he always calls it like it is. Davy is one of the most ambitious and down to earth people know and I am thankful for time spent with him because I always leave a better person. We both acknowledged that with the distance and major life events happening, the reality is that our friendship is on the decline. It's sad, but I cherish the memories we have had and for how we have shaped each other along the way. I am thankful for honest friends that are with you through thick and thin and although as time passes we may not talk as frequently, I know he will be a lifelong friend-- the kind of friend where when you see each other after a long time, it's just like old times. I cherish those friends.
I also got to meet fellow instagrammer, Josh Morehouse who is also a wedding photographer in Savannah, GA. I love the internet and meeting people with common interests! I'm also thankful that he put up with my crazy self as I was frantically running errands to get my styled shoot ready for the next day.

Enjoy some snapshots from my time in HHI and Charleston!