Charleston Styled Shoot

This shoot. Oh my goodness. Let me tell you about this shoot.

When I was on my road trip one of my stops was Charleston, which is the top wedding destination of the nation, so I thought it would be a great idea to do a styled shoot to add to my portfolio. Good idea, right? Well, since it is one of the top wedding cities, their wedding season was already in full swing and many vendors had to decline or back out from doing the shoot. I am stubborn and kept pushing on anyways, hoping that it would all come together. And well, it did, but just barely. Because of the short notice, I wasn't able to find a model until the day before (Lauren, you rock) and only two vendors were able to contribute (Sablee and Bella Bridesmaids, you rock too).

This meant that the rest was up to me. I went to the local wholesale florist and got some bunches of seeded eucalyptus, queen annes lace, and some kind of pretty purple flower and made a bouquet for the first time. At the last minute my friend Caroline (who is the wonderful woman and photographer who hosted me while I was there) urged me to make a flower crown. I had never made a flower crown before either, but why the heck not. 

The "veil" is a dusty blue piece of tulle I bought for $6 and the "tablecloth" is an old curtain panel from IKEA. The tableware is from Goodwill (don't worry, the power went off at the store when I was purchasing it too) and the models makeup was done by yours truly. Oh, who did the hair? Don't worry, the 25mph winds took care of that. Yeah. 25 mph. I had planned on doing a cute table setup on the beach with pillows for seating, and it was actually going to be so cute, but the winds were so strong that it just was not happening.

It's 30 minutes until we run out of light and we haven't started shooting yet. Crap. As I am turing around in my car to go back down the same road I had already been driving on hoping to find a less windy alternative, I spotted an empty beachfront lot that had houses built on either side blocking the wind. At this point I didn't care about trespassing, so we drove up and set up. Thankfully the wind was somewhat manageable here. We shot for about 20 minutes until all the light was gone with an audience of curious neighbors and then called it a wrap.

While this didn't end up looking how I envisioned it, we worked with what we had still got some really cool images, so I would say it was a success. Thanks for the experience, Charleston.

Location: Folly Beach
Cake: Sablee
Dress: Bella Bridesmaids