Hannah + Zack Millsaps Wedding in Lynchburg, VA | Nashville Wedding Photographer

This wedding. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how excited I am to be sharing this wedding with you all. I have friends tell me often that whenever they get married, they want me to take their wedding photos, but then life happens, people move away, and sometimes it just doesn't work out. But this time it did, and let me tell you, photographing a friends wedding is absolutely amazing, especially when said friend is a videographer and ensures that the setting and lighting is just perfect. Zack and Hannah were a dream to work with. Not only are they extremely photogenic (for real, I barely had to tell them what to do when they got in front of my camera), but their wedding was absolutely stunning. I loved that it was so intimate and homey feeling. Everything just felt right. I have never seen a wedding like this before. We started out doing the first look, then family photos, then the reception was before the ceremony. There was a spread of soups and breads and everyone sat at long tables inside Hannah's family's barn. It was so low key, just like Zack and Hannah. After everyone was well-fed and well-mingled, we headed down the path to a grassy pasture where the ceremony was held. Other than a few benches for the elderly and some family, it was a standing ceremony which I really liked. The ceremony started with one of Hannah's sisters bringing down an oil lamp; the officiant explained this symbolism beforehand much more thoroughly than I am about to, but basically in the Jewish tradition, the bride would have oil lamps burning to indicate that she was awaiting her bridegroom to come for her (you can read more about it here). I really liked this alternative to having a flower girl. Then, before Hannah was given away, a letter was read that she wrote when she was young about her future husband, and then Zack was given the "key to her heart" that was enclosed with the letter. I wish I was able to explain everything in more detail because it really was quite meaningful and beautiful. From the message, exchange of vows and rings, the burning of incense (to represent their marriage being a pleasing aroma to the Lord, similar to offerings being given in the Temple in the Old Testament), and the taking of communion filled with the music of a hymn sung by Hannah's sister, everything was so rich in love, scripture, and sentiment. I have never been to such a heartfelt wedding. Even as I reviewed the images before posting, I began to tear up. I love their love for the Lord and for each other. After the ceremony, everyone headed back up to the barn for coffee and dessert, followed by their sparkler exit. I loved the little details of their wedding like coffee mugs as favors, disposable cameras available for guests to take photos with during the meal (the kids loved this), and forgoing dancing to spend more time visiting with guests. This wedding was so indicative of who Zack and Hannah really are: caring, genuine, laid back, godly people with solid character. What an honor it was to be apart of such a special day. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!