CarriAnne + Steve | Romantic Rustic Fall Wedding at The Wrens Nest | Nashville, TN

"...all I care about is that Steven will be the one standing there with his one of a kind smile looking back at me. Steven has this crazy way of just looking at me and I feel like nothing else in the world matters. I know that when I get to see him for the first time on our wedding day, I envision I will cry tears of joy. I know with my whole heart that I have never loved a person more, and the fact that I will get to spend my forever with him is truly the only thing that I have ever cared about since the moment I knew he was the one. Steven is my everything and as long as he is the person that I get to marry, I envision that my wedding day will be perfect." -CarriAnne

'Till all the mountains are valleys
And every ocean is dry, my love
I'll be yours
Until the sun doesn't shine
'Till time stands still
Until the winds don't blow
When today is just a memory to me
I know I'll still be loving you

Wedding Planning + Design: Modern Vintage Events
Floral: Rosemary & Finch
Dress: Hayley Paige purchased at White Dresses Nashville
Venue: The Wrens Nest