Lindsay + Spencer | Wedding in Downtown Atlanta

I love this couple and this wedding so much. I've known Lindsay since middle school and it has been so cool for us to both see each other grow up and get married. This wedding was so special-- it took place in Atlanta at a small chapel at Second-Ponce De Leon Baptist Church, followed by a reception at The Georgian Terrace in midtown.

I think my favorite moment of this wedding was when Lindsay surprised Spencer, a Georgia Tech graduate, with the "ramblin' wreck" as their ride from the ceremony reception. His reaction is absolutely priceless. I'm not a Georgia Tech grad, but apparently this is a big deal. 

After the vows had been said and all the photos were done, Lindsay and Spencer joined their twelve guests for a small and intimate dinner together where they shared food, drink, laughter, and best wishes with each other.

This small and intimate Atlanta wedding will alway be one of my favorites. I know I say it every time, but I am truly thankful to be welcomed into so many peoples' special day.