Coming Soon

“Everything I Know About Wedding Photography” COURSE

An online course for photographers

What the course will cover:

  • How to achieve a more documentary/moment-focused style

  • Instagram for wedding photographers

  • Contracts - I’m bringing in an actual lawyer to discuss contracts and common legal questions

  • Posing/direction: see me in action on a photo session

  • Before & after example photos

  • How to maintain a fast turnaround time

  • Marketing

  • My gear

  • Apps/resources I use/recommend

  • My entire workflow from start to finish

  • Website tips

  • Taxes/ “The Business Side of Things” - Katelyn from Freelance CFO (my financial advisor and bookkeeper) will be answering common questions for all things business/tax related

  • Mistakes I’ve made along the way

  • How I got started with photography/ How I started my business

  • How to move your business to a new city

  • Creating a strong portfolio

  • Importance of reviews - how to get them and where to post them

  • How to price yourself / different pricing strategies

  • How to plan a styled shoot

  • Communicating “you” while still keeping it professional

  • Finding what sets you apart as a photographer

  • Editing: How I edit my photos

  • How to make beautiful in tricky situations

    • Rainy day

    • Average hotel room

    • Urban shooting / crowded areas

    • Fluorescent lighting

    • Low light