frequently asked questions

How many images come in a gallery?
It varies from wedding to wedding, but I typically deliver 500-900 final images.

Do I need two photographers?
I feel confident and comfortable photographing weddings by myself, in fact, every image in my portfolio has been shot by me, not a second shooter. I photograph 80% of my weddings alone. However, if you are having a particularly large wedding or if your wedding takes place across venues that are driving distance apart, I recommend adding on a second shooter.

What gear do you use?
I keep my setup very simple because I want to focus on you on the wedding day, not fooling around with my gear. I shoot with two Canon 6D's and a Canon 135mm 2.0 and Canon 35mm 1.4. I'll usually whip out a flash during the reception to get those fun dancing shots too!

Are you insured?
Yes, absolutely!

What if I want to add to my package later?
No problem! Just let me know what you want to add and I'll send you a separate invoice for the addition.

Do you travel for weddings?
Yes! Just let me know where you are getting married and I will prepare a quote for travel expenses.

Should we do a first look?
It is 100% up to you! One advantage of doing a first look is that we can then complete all family/group photos before the ceremony, but if you don't want to see your partner before the wedding, then don't do a first look-- go with your gut!

What is a first look anyways?
A first look is when the couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day-- it is such a fun and special moment! I typically take the couple somewhere more secluded so that it is just the three of us and then they open their eyes/turn around for the big reveal. It may sound a little cheesy, but it really is such a special moment when you see your partner for the first time, just the two of you, and let the reality sink in together.

When will I get my photos back?
I pride myself in having a quick turnaround time. I deliver engagement photos within two weeks and wedding photos within three weeks.